Troubleshooting Tips for Oracle Web Conferencing (OWC):


Tip 1: Always use the Internet Explorer Browser to launch OWC. (All other browsers are not supported by Oracle and may not work properly with OWC).
Tip 2: If you are using Windows Vista, please click here for instructions on what you will need to do in order to allow your system to access OWC.
Tip 3: If you are unable to access the event using the registration link provided, Enter the 8 digit Conference ID and 5 digit Key where it says “Join Conference.” (If you enter the Conference ID/Key in the “Instant Conference” box, you will start a new conference instead of joining the existing conference).
  Tip 4: If you have Pop-Up blocker enabled, this will not allow you to access the web conference. Either disable Pop-Up Blocker, or Press the CTRL key on your keyboad at the same time you click the “Join Conference” button. (This will bypass pop-up blocker).
  Tip 5: If you are an Oracle Partner, OWC enrollment may be activated, which means you will need to enter your Conference Key several times before joining the web conference. (Keep your 5 digit Key handy while going through the enrollment screens. This key is the same number as your dial-in passcode).
    Tip 6: If you are still experiencing issues with OWC, dial into your phone conference and ask the operator to place you in the commline with the OU Studio Manager. If you are already dialed in, press *0 for the operator.
    Tip 7: To use the chat function, move your mouse to the top of your screen to reveal the OWC toolbar, then click on the little ‘text bubble icon’ to open your chat window. When you send a “Public” chat, your message will be sent to all participants whereas if you send a “Host” chat, it can only be seen by the Host of the web conference. (Clicking the “Undock” button creates a separate window for easier reading and manueverability. You can also minimize your undocked chat window and it will flash on your Microsoft toolbar when a message is sent.)
    Tip 8: If you continue to have issues with Oracle Web Conferencing, please contact the OU Knowledge Center Help Desk: